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Hometown Fella

Raised in Burlington, Nick has seen the growth of our town over the past thirty years. A very active kid, he took part in all of the public services that Burlington had to offer. A product of Burlington's public school system, Nick also was very engaged in various school activities such as Student Government, Model United Nations, Drama Club, and theater.

Family Man

When Nick and his wife Jenn were looking for a place to raise their family, their mutual values brought them right back to Burlington. Fortunate enough to find a home in Burlington, they settled in and now, ten years later they are lucky to have their daughters, Penelope and Margaret; sons, Quentin and Harrison, and their two dogs Charlotte and Harper. 


Nick believes in working hard for his family in every way he can.

To Nick, it’s more than just putting money in the bank. It’s about ensuring that the community he and Jenn call home remains a great place to live.


With a penchant for research and storytelling, Nick found himself working in healthcare marketing & advertising; creating awareness and understanding for doctors and patients around various disease states and treatment options. 


In Nick’s 13+ year career, he has had the opportunity to:


  • Manage client expectations, staff, budgets, and timelines

  • Collaborate with Medical and Legal teams for both his clients and the FDA

  • Research, comprehend, distill, and deliver information quickly and effectively

  • Develop creative campaigns, product/service positioning and messaging

  • Lead the strategic implementation of various deliverables


It’s this ability to delve deep into the fray of research papers and data and create thoughtful and reasoned strategic plans that makes Nick a strong candidate for

re-election to Burlington’s Select Board.

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