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Candidate for re-election 
Burlington Select Board.

Nick Priest - Committee to Elect Nick Priest - Burlington, MA

Election Day
2019 Results

Town Election - April 9, 2022

Your contributions

are greatly appreciated.

From yard signs to 
holding signs.

For questions, comments,
just looking to say hi.

The First Term (2019-2022)

I certainly did not anticipate serving my first term during a global pandemic.

As a board we had to completely shift to a reactive position. Working with the Town Administrator, Town Accountant, Board of Health, and other town officials we experienced minimal disruption to services by maintaining a level-headed approach while revenue losses rose and health concerns both rose. 

And while I acknowledge the disruption the pandemic brought to our community; I do not let it define us, or my first term. 

Below, you'll see the eight items I've called out as areas of focus where I put my time and energy. Some we've successfully completed goals, others are currently in action, and most will have evolving goals and efforts.

One Burlington. For all. By all.


If there is one thing that is more clear to me than ever before it is our need to return to the roots of what it means to be a community. What does Burlington need and how do we get there? Volunteer, participate in the conversation, and vote. Consider the first, join when you can, and yes, always vote.


If you would like to contact me:


Stay tuned for campaign events - TBA
Town Election - April 9, 2022

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